Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is a good idea, for your peace of mind, and that of your loved ones.

We highly recommend planning ahead to help alleviate the stress of multiple arrangements and decisions that families experience, in addition to their grief. We at Larson Family accept preregistration submissions in the form below. When preregistered, you can know that you have your wishes on file with us and when the time arises, we will have the precedent to act. Preregistration is ideal, because should the family choose to go with another funeral home, there is no contract or obligation.

As a general statement, we do not recommend, accept or allow pre-payment of any kind for funeral or cremation services.

We find the best solution to set up a joint savings account, in cooperation with your named agent for power of attorney or closest next of kin, where you do your personal banking. The funds would be held by agreement until the time of need arises. There are quite a few companies out there who want to be trusted; but we recommend you use the bank or wealth management company that you already trust for this highly sensitive need.  It also simplifies the process when the need arises. 

A cemetery exception: When burial is planned, we do advise clients to purchase plots at a cemetery, with the caveat that when the time arises, the cemetery will charge additional fees for opening, closing, marker installation, etc.  Some helpful hints: We recommend the completion of the form, California Advanced Healthcare Directive, also known as a durable power of attorney for health care, assigning one person in particular as the one "in charge," when the time of need arises. This document has legal requirements to make it valid, so please follow the instructions carefully or seek the advice of an estate attorney for assistance or review.

Larson Family Mortuary specialized in burial, cremation and funeral services. We were a state-licensed funeral establishment, serving all of Greater Los Angeles and Orange County, California. As a family owned and operated funeral home, it was our mission to treat every family as if they are our own.  Our lamp never goes out.