Q. Why is your arrangement office separate from your morgue, or why do you meet clients in a separate location from your preparation center?

A. We are a "small, but powerful" team, we often serve clients for whom privacy, security and confidentiality is a matter of immediate concern. Taking cues from the best in the business here on the West-side, we have our crematory, morgue and preparation centers in three separate, private locations.  In the event of family dispute or media interference, or any related concern, our private morgue location is not disclosed except to the immediate next of kin, police and government authorities (by law), and their direct, authorized representatives. 

Q. Do you serve all faiths? What about those without a belief?

A. Yes, absolutely. Over the years our primary funeral or burial clients have been Muslim, Catholic and Jewish, and our primary cremation clients have been non-religious, or cost-conscious. Our international "ship-outs," are primarily Iranian Muslim, and our "witness cremation," or funeral with cremation instead of burial, are often Hindu, Buddhist, ISKON, or Protestant Christian. A vast majority of our clients do not follow any religious preference. 

Q. Do you provide cremation? If so, do you own your own crematory? 

A. Yes, we provide cremation. No, we do not own a crematory, but rather we maintain professional and legal contracts with 2 long-established, licensed crematories in the Greater LA and Orange County areas. This enhances our customization options, flexibility and privacy by an order of magnitude.